50th Launch-Falcon 9 Space X

Falcon 9 has launched its 50th payload yesterday.

This will deliver its geostationary transfer orbit in Low -Earth orbit nearly 36000 km.

 The satellite weighs six metric tons or about a half-ton heavier than any Falcon 9 payload bound for geostationary orbit.

This is the SpaceX successful launch after Tesla launch on february 6.

Falcon 9 manufactured by SpaceX for reliable and safe transport of satellites and the Dragon spacecraft into orbit. It is also the first orbital class rocket capable of reflight.

Since its launch in June 2010, the Falcon 9 became a reliable workhorse for SpaceX’s reusable and recycled rocket program. Last year, the Falcon 9 completed a total of 18 payload missions .

The construction of the SpaceX launch facility near the Boca Chica beach is underway and going well . This will be completed before 2019.

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