Advanced Machine Learning offered by Google and Coursera

Interested in Machine Learning …Here is a best way offered through Online by Google and Coursera.

Course name is called as “Machine Learning with Tensorflow on Google Cloud Platform Specialization“.

The two companies had earlier teamed up to launch a “Machine Learning Crash Course” which was an introduction to ML.


Coursera is a Web platform that offers online courses in the form of Video lectures, peer-reviewed assignments, and community discussion forums.

Courses are in collaboration with top companies like Yale, Google, IBM Stanford etc.,

 The course came about after students who took the crash course on ML wanted to further their understanding of the concept and build real-world machine learning models.

The specialization module consists of five courses that teach how to create and sanitize datasets and how to write distributed models in TensorFlow.

Students learn how to find the right parameters and improve accuracy for better results.

Practical Focus:

Specialization course focus on “day to day models” and real world problem, it can be used to add value to several existing products that can be improved through ML.


This gains existing workforce to gain new skills and new graduates to get better opportunities.

ML making inroads in every area of tech:

Even the beginner’s crash course required students to have proficiency in programming basics and Python, so the specialization course definitely expects developers to be competent programmers.

According to Google’s Big Data and ML Tech Lead Lak Lakshmanan, the next course in line will focus on working with unstructured data.

It will build on the specialization course but deal with a different class of problems.

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