• Scientists create an artificial eye by combining metalens with an artificial muscle, which has been inspired by the human eye.

Adaptive Metalens:


  •  electronically controlled,flat artificial eye

  •  can control image shift,astigmatism(dynamically correcting for aberrations )

  • auto zoom and auto focus.


  • augmented and virtual reality hardware

  • eyeglasses

  • cell phone cameras.

Developing The Adaptive Metalens to  an artificial eye:

  •  The big metalens  are attached  to an artificial muscle without getting its capability of focusing light compromised.

  • A transparent, thin dielectric elastomer is selected with low loss, which means light passes through the material without getting too scattering, for attaching the lens.

  •  A platform is created for transforming and adhering the lens to the soft surface.

  • The newly developed lens and muscle measure only 30 microns in thickness.

Upcoming innovation:

  • Improving the lens’ functionality and decreasing the voltage needed for controlling it.

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