The IMA(Indian Medical Association) Doctors were against NMC(National Medical Commission) Bill. Tuesday has been observed as “Black Day” by all Doctors.The doctors were initially under the control of MCI(Medical Council of India). After so many issues like corruption the MCI council has been changed into NMC. The NMC members were full of Non-Doctors. The NMC members have passed a bill which includes,

  • To avoid corruption in medical education and Shortage of medical professionals.
  • To reduce demand, bridge course for traditional medicine like Ayurvedha and Homeopathy.
  • Policies to regulate medical institutions and individuals and also to lay down some guidelines on fees in private medical colleges.
  • To obtain License for practise and PG courses screening test NLE(National Licentiate Examination)is included for students studying in India.
  • Screening Test for students from Foreign countries is cancelled.

The Doctors have protested against NMC bill from 6AM -6PM. Only Emergency cases were handled yesterday. Out Patient Department has been struck which made people to struggle. The bill created major issue that If Ayurvedha and Homeopathy students have done their bridge course for 6 months they will be considered equivalent to Doctors who have studied MBBS. This may lead to many issues like,

  • Rural people will be affected.
  • They don’t have knowledge about instruments used for tests.
  • Chances for Fake doctors will be more.

There will be more chance for corruption. There may arise a situation that those who have money can able to study Doctor easily. This will reduce Merit based seats. Also, the screening test has to be cleared in first attempt itself if not they were not able to practise for 3 years.

The Government has said that there will be review in this bill, after that strike has been stopped by Doctors.

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