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  • Finger POINTengg says:

    i,Electronics is the science that emerged, while trying to control the electrical energy (voltage, current,….. etc).
    ii, Electronics is the application of the concept “Electrical energy”


    Resistor is the electrical component where we cant control the timings of output.


    But transistor is the electronic component that can control the collector current timings with the help of base terminal.


  • Abdul Aziz says:

    Let us discuss a practical application of Fourier Series….

    i, Recording of your voice in your mobile phone and reproducing it after saving it.

    When you record a voice, it will be transformed to a single mathematical equation with many terms as infinity series.
    Now storage of this infinity series is big. So we cant save as it is.

    Now Fourier series comes into account…… When you use fourier series, it will also gives an infinity equation. But if we save the first few terms of this equation, it will reproduce the original signal wth small loss which is not differentiated by our ears. These small equations can be saved easily (mp3) and reproduced and can be shared as low storage.

  • Abinaya says:

    What is the need of white coloured head light in bikes??

  • Finger POINTengg says:

    LEDs and HIDs are commonly being used more and more by the automotive industry.
    LED headlights is the fact that they need very low power to work and energy efficient.
    To increase the efficiency of the head lights, companies have adopted the mix and match of LEDs and Xenon/Bi-xenon lamps, coupled with automated systems and sensors, which increases the efficiency of lights to reduce headlight glare and corner lighting.

    Small size, allow great manipulation for various shapes.
    Very low energy consumption.
    It last very long up to 10,000 hours per life cycle.
    A lot of people are unaware of new and upcoming technologies that we can use to help reduce carbon emissions.A good example of this is LED lighting,which provides many environmental advantages.
    Better durability: shock resistance, not easy to be broken, suitable for a variety of environments

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