Soon Drones will be delivering Tea-developed by IIT Engineer(Tech Eagle)

A Lucknow-based startup Tech Eagle has come up with drones for an even quicker delivery. In partnership with Online Kaka, a food delivery start-up, TechEagle invented a drone which will deliver tea up to 10 km and has a capacity of holding 2 liters.
 The orders are taken through the online app and the tea then delivered to your doorstep. These drones will installed with a GPS tracking device and the address for the delivery will be fed in it.
Vikram founded TechEagle in 2015 which is recognized as a startup by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotions (DIPP).
It specializes in developing drones/UAVs of 1-5 meter (wingspan), 1-10kg (Payload), 1-5 Hours (Flight Time), and Modular for Companies, Research Institutes, and individuals.
TechEagle’s journey began in a garage at the IIT Kanpur hostel. They started working on various types of drones since 2015 late in the garage of IIT-K Hostel and incorporated TechEagle Innovations Pvt. Ltd. in Jan-2017.
They are a B2B tech startup which provides custom drone development(from designing to Manufacturing) to other businesses. Their startup develops custom drones of both type, rotary wing and fixed wing (60cm to 5-meter wingspan, 30 min to 2 hour flight time, 500gm to 5kg payload).
When asked why they chose tea above other things, Vikram said that it is very popular in India and also the volume that has to be delivered is very less.
Delving into details about the drone that will be used for delivery, Vikram said, It is a Quadcopter. They are also developing Hexacopters for different capacities. The current capacity of this drone is 2 liters and the range is 10 kilometers. However, it can be increased up to 50 kilometers.
These drones are battery powered and completely autonomous to complete the mission. Once the box is loaded into the drone, it will take off from the ground with a single click and follow the shortest path to deliver the package at the desired location.
Autonomous control is supported by onboard GPS. Live data is transmitted to ground control station, where an operator can see the current flight status and can handle it if anything goes wrong.
Once the drone reaches the desired location from a safe height it will drop the package and will return to the launch base. There will be a redundancy system to tackle the failure in any onboard component.
There are currently 8 people working at TechEagle who look after all the departments. Its aim is to bridge the gap between students’ theoretical and practical knowledge thus providing them with a head-start in the UAV/Drone Industry.
However, the startup faces a funding challenge in stepping up the manufacturing facility. Vikram said that skilled manpower in every field is a big issue but said he remains optimistic.

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