Crowd Funding & Wallet

Wallet Pay:


The customer using FingerPointEngg Wallet Pay option is subjected to the following conditions;


1) Partial payments can be made for the purchase of products using wallet. A minimum amount of 1 and above should be paid using their payment option to purchase the product using wallet option.

2) The wallet can be used for purchases only at fingerpointengg website.

3) The wallet can be recharged anytime using their credit/Debit cards.


CrowdFunding :

The student/Person applying for the Crowd Funding program must accept the conditions below:


1) Should submit the required form from FingerPointEngg to get applicable.

2) Donor’s name won’t be revealed to the applicants.

3) Initial 20% of the amount will be added to the applicant’s wallet.

4) An applicant can redeem the amount as cash only if the funding value exceeds 50% of the estimated amount.


Note : Applicants project will be confidential and won’t get exposed to anyone in any situation.