Enormous E-waste into Usable

Mixed-plastic electronics waste could be a valuable source of reusable polymers.

The team has developed the first energy-efficient and environmentally friendly process that separates mixed polymers so that they can be recycled into new, high-quality plastic products.

E-Waste are from all around us,while some are recyclable made up of single polymer.

Others are made up of complex polymers like Cellphone cases, they are mostly sent to landfills.

The process used to dissolve these polymers are less than process involved in candies.

With candy, we dissolve sugar grains in water, allow the liquid to become saturated with sugar, evaporate the water and recover the polymer, which in this case is the candy.

We use plastic polymers instead of sugar and the solvent we use is stronger than water to convert complex polymer.

The most potent method is DCM, which releases carcinogenic vapors into the air at near-room-temperature conditions. These vapors contaminate the workspace and introduce the potential for release into the atmosphere.

The process leaves some residual polymer, those will be converted into usable fuel oil by thermochemical process called Pyrolysis.

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