Fiber OLEDs, thinner than a hair

  • An efficient OLED has been designed with high performance, long losting than planar substrates.This can be utilized mostly in wearable displays.
  • Early, there has been low performance caused limitation in actual wearable displays.
  • In order to solve this,the researcher made a structure of OLED comparable to fibre and used a dip coating method in a three-dimensional structure of fibres.
  • They have successfully developed highly effecient and long lasting one.
  • This fiber OLED’s exhibited luminance and current efficiency values of over 10,000 cd/m^2 and 11cd/A.
  • They also verified that fiber’s OLED withstood tensile strains of up to 4.3% while retaining more than 90% of their current efficiency.
  • In addition, they could be woven into textiles and knitted clothes without causing any problems.
  • This technology allows for fabricating OLEDs on fibers with diameters ranging from 300㎛ down to 90㎛, thinner than a human hair, which attests to the scalability of the proposed fabrication scheme.
  • This simple, low-cost process opens a way to commercialize fiber-based wearable displays.



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