Free Rides for Public through tunnel in upcoming month

The Boring Company’s first tunnel being dug under Los Angeles is almost completed.
The two-mile test tunnel underneath SpaceX’s headquarters in Hawthrone, California, is a proof-of-concept for an underground public transportation system which aims to transport passengers and vehicles beneath congested roadways on autonomous electric skates.
The skates will theoretically transport between 8 to 16 passengers, or one passenger vehicle, along magnetic rails at speeds of up to 124 mph (200 km/h).
The Boring Company has four underground transportation projects in the works, including the Hawthorne test tunnel, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, and Chicago.
Musk stated that Traffic is driving me nuts. Am going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging.
Musk has also stated his hopes to build a hyperloop between Los Angeles and San Francisco next year, which he said would feature pressurized pods in near-vacuum tunnels that travel faster than a jetliner.
Musk’s company received a $266,000 sales tax exclusion from the state of California to build a new, fully automated concrete rings manufacturing facility.
Once its up and running, the Boring Company says the $3 million facility will produce concrete for its tunnels four times faster than existing processes, and with 20 percent less energy and air pollutants.
The company also recently announced plans to sell “interlocking bricks” made from the rock that its tunnel-creating machines excavate from the ground.

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