Graphene enables high-speed electronics on flexible materials

The advances in polymer technology have promoted the development of flexible electronics and enabled the production of high frequency units on flexible substrates.

This polymer technology lead to the development of First mechanical flexible and graphene based  terahertz detector in its kind.


  • At room temperature, it detects signals in the frequency range 330 to 500 gigahertz. It is translucent and flexible, and opens to a variety of applications.


  • The technique can be used for imaging in the terahertz area (THz camera), but also for identifying different substances (sensor).

  • It may also be of potential benefit in health care, where terahertz waves can be used to detect cancer.

  • The detector could be used are imaging sensors for vehicles or for wireless communications.

  • This can be integrated with plastic and fabric, which will be more beneficial in future interconnected world.

  • This will play a major role in IOT.

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