Graphene Transistors

Graphene are used in field of Nano Electronics. They come under Quantum Effects and have distinct Magnetic properties.

These are called as Graphene Nanoflakes. The distinct magnetic properties represent a significant step towards spintronics.

The Graphene Nanoflakes  has two important phenomena,

Interference between Electron and Quantum Phenomenon:

The electron interfere in Destructive manner, this is typically a  quantum phenomenon, which only occurs at very reduced sizes. This Quantum Interference Transistors is a Destructive interference would be OFF state. For ON state, interference condition has to be removed.

Interference between Magnetism and Quantum Phenomenon:

Magnetism property emerges spontaneously at their Edges, without any external intervention. This enables the creation of a spin current.

These properties can be used in Memorising and processing Information technologies.


To improve efficiency, Graphene Flakes are made to interact with Nitrogen and Boron.

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