Hack your own body

  • The bio-hacking community is a co-operative. It is about improving the quality of life for people but in a practical way.
  • Implants can be placed under skin,in finger, chest etc..,
  • Chips carry unique serial number the can be read by a device attached to whatever you want to open and one chip can carry multiple numbers meaning you do not need a separate chip for everything you want to access.
  • Magnet in fingers allows to sense electromagnetic radiation so we can tell if a device is on or off, whether a microwave is running and identify where power lines are.  They really hurt
  • Cochlear implants which improve hearing loss to smart pills that can be ingested and access, analyse and manipulate bodily functions
  • More than10,000 people around the world have chip implants in their bodies.

Current implants:

Fingertips, RFiD and even LED beneath skin.


Used to get on the train, buy coffee, secure their computer, secure their data, get into their house, drive a car etc..

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