Effective way to increasing Speed and Memory of Computers using TMDC

TMDCs Technology:

Computers operate by voltage with the help of Semi-conductor device. To increase the speed and memory of the computer, Microprocessors inside the computer is increasing, but this can’t go faster. To overcome this, Optical property helps us to increase the speed and memory of the computer. Transition Metal Dichalcogenides(TMDCs) possess optical behavior helps to increase speed million times faster. The information stored safer and effective. TMDCs uses thin semiconductors, makes them run on femtosecond. There is nothing compared with the speed of light. This is the best way to transfer data and store the information. This is quite a different technology in the Information technology field.


TMDC has greater potential to perform this action within femtoseconds. TMDC’s is a hexagonal lattice consists of metal atoms in between chalcogen atoms.

This structure helps the computer to process the computer faster and store data in an ultra-efficient manner. This technique has an advantage of more stable, non-toxic, thin, light and strong mechanically.

For example, Molybdenum disulfide and Tungsten di-selenide possess the property of TMDC. TMDC is a part of a large family called 2-Dimensional materials. This is because of their thinness of one or few atoms. This crew has an ultrafast behavior in speed.

This hexagonal lattice structure, electrons revolve in a circular shape in different states, electrons spinning on the left and the other spins on the right depends on their hexagonal position. This motion is called Topological Resonance. Using this effect, one can able to read, write in femtoseconds.


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