Infrared type temperature sensor for process industries

Temperature is the major parameter to be monitored in every process industries. All process industries deal with a high range of temperatures. So contact type temperature sensors will not be preferred. A non-contact type radiation type sensor will be preferred. These type of sensor has to be designed with high consistent, accuracy and measure the temperature precisely.  This can be achieved by Ideal measurement technology from a single source for any polymer or material. The process is monitored by Infrared Temperature measurement based on infrared radiation with the help of infrared cameras.


Infrared Principle:

All bodies with a temperature above absolute zero of −273.15 °C (= 0 K) emit electromagnetic radiation proportional to their own temperature on the surface, which is called as “intrinsic radiation” irrespective of whether the object is ice or hot steel. Infrared radiation forms a part of this radiation and can be used for temperature measurements.

This radiation penetrates the atmosphere and is focused onto a detector element with the help of a lens (input optics) in the infrared measurement system, where the detector element generates an electrical signal proportional to the radiation. The signal is then amplified, digitally processed, and converted into an output size proportional to the temperature of the object. The measured value can be shown on a display or output as an analog signal, which allows easy connection to process control systems.

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  • Detect high range up to 2220°C
  • Response time is high
  • Used to measure Frozen food to hot metal.
  • Determines the entire material temperature
  • Available with different wavelength


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