Jai Hind 1-S soon to fly in Space

The Lightest satellite built by Four students from Hindustan College of Technology and Science. The Satellite named Jai Hind 1-S weighs about 33.39grams, possibly the world’s lightest and cheapest.

Jai Hind 1-S:

Satellite is like a black cube and props it on the table. Harikrishnan KG grabbed the small cube in his hand carefully. Satellite is double in size comparatively looks like the sugar cubes in coffee shops. They have designed the satellite which is the “World’s lightest and cheapest satellite”. They named the satellite as “Jai Hind 1-S”.

Jai Hind 1-S

Jai Hind satellite made mostly in the college campus and home with the help of locally sourced materials. This satellite has to go a long way. It will travel to the US next month and find a place among other scientific material at NASA. There it will be put in a special high-pressure balloon and sent to hold our breath.

About their Mission:

This work has been started a year ago when Harikrishnan chanced upon cubes in space, a competition across the world for students. He said, “I had long wanted to build a rocket, inspired by the films”. His friends Amarnath P, Giri Prasad T and Sudhi G shared his dream and took more effort to complete it.


There was already a satellite weighing 64 grams and the team wanted to build one less than this. They got help from their close quarters and professor G Dinesh Kumar who was their mentor. They chose Nylon as their main material for satellite. This decision was made after a long concern. But now they are well confident about their decision. They are eagerly waiting to see how this react in space. They are more confident that Nylon would withstand the pressures in outer space.


They are from a different background but worked together and made this Jai Hind confidentially. They decided to place inside a balloon and flying it from the top of their college terrace and placing it in the fridge for a few hours and then lighting up with a lighter.

It will be 15-20 hour journey may be in August. They can’t wait for the day when they get their Jai Hind in their hands. Once they get it, they retrieve the SD card that will contain the data and findings like temperature, UV density etc.,

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