Li batteries made safer and efficient

Today’s world is dependent on Lithium Batteries but this is not safer there is a chance to explosion.
Scientists are now looking for ways to make rechargeable batteries safer,lighter and more powerful.
Lithium metal batteries have more capacity than Lithium ion batteries.
In Lithium metal batteries, there will be a formation of Dendrites.This formation has to be reduced to increase the efficiency.
In the Lithium ion battery, the anode is made up of Graphite with lithium ions bound on it.This lithium ions move towards current collecting side.
In the Lithium Metal battery,anode is made of Lithium metal and electrons flow from anode to cathode to generate Electricity.Lithium is most electrically positive metal and has a very high capacity.
Lithium metal batteries have been unstable,fire hazard so far.This is mainly due to dendrites.As battery is used ,lithium ions collect on the anode. Over the time, deposit become non-uniform leads to formation of dendrites.
This can be reduced by introduction of porous material into the system.The dendrites formed after porous material is 75 percent shorter than previous system.
They integrated this system and ran the battery for 3000 hours and  no dendrites growth is not seen.

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