Multi-Legged Robots

  • New ways of driving multi-legged robots by means of a two-level controller.
  •  The controller uses a network of so-called non-linear oscillators that enables the generation of diverse gaits and postures, which are specified by only a few high-level parameters.
  • This is a six legged robots looks similar to ant like Hexapod Robot.
  • This technique have encountered complexity into artificial pattern generators.


[1] Pattern-generator circuits (CPGs): CPG stands for Central Pattern Generator. A network that autonomously generates rhythmic gait patterns, referring to the sequence of leg movements.

[2] Local Pattern Generator (LPG): A sub-network that transforms each CPG output into the trajectory of the joints of the corresponding leg.

[3] Field-Programmable Analog Array (FPAA): An integrated circuit containing a variety of analog blocks, which can be reconfigured under digital control.This allows on-the-fly reconfiguration and tunning of all circuiyt parameters.


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