Next Generation Biometric~SMILE~Artificial Intelligence

Dynamic Movement of Smile says about Gender through AI

Genetic Recognition use Static images and Compare fixed facial features.

Researchers mapped 49 landmarks on the face, mainly around the eyes, mouth and down the nose.

They used people to assess how the face changes as we smile caused by the underlying muscle movements — including both changes in distances between the different points and the ‘flow’ of the smile: how much, how far and how fast the different points on the face moved as the smile was formed and tested among Men and Women.

Women’s smiles being more Expansive. Women have broader smiles, expanding their mouth and lip area far more than men.

Researchers tested their Algorithm among 109 people and 86% cases has been determined correctly.

The accuracy can be improved by more sophisticated AI. This enhances Machine learning capabilities.

This kind of facial recognition could become a next- generation Biometric, as it’s not dependent on one feature, but on a dynamic that’s unique to an individual and would be very difficult to mimic or alter.

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