Paper Battery Using Sewage Water

Ramya Veerubhotla, research scholar at IIT Kharagpur’s Department of Biotechnology, has developed a disposable and flexible battery made from paper that could generate power from the bacteria present in sewage water.

·An innovation is done on Paper Battery from sewage bacteria and bioethanol green energy from bamboo shavings.

·The device is made on a paper platform unlike other batteries, which are heavy.

·The battery is made using air cathode, and the anode can be prepared from any simple carbon based material.

·Microbial Fuel Cells (MFCs) take a couple of days to start power production as the bacteria needs to adjust to the environment.

·But for this device, the power production starts within 10 seconds.

·The power generated from one cell is in the range of a few microwatts. More cells mean more power.

·It may be difficult to power household devices with this, but it can power certain electronic components.

·The device is flexible and can be stacked together. For more power, you can make more units, stack them and fold them in a compact shape.

· One of the best advantages of the device is that it is 100% biodegradable and environment-friendly, which is not the case with chemical batteries.


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