Piksey-New version of Arduino in Compatible size

Piksey- World’s smallest Arduino

Till now, we are using Arduino UNO large size. Most projects and DIY things are done with the help of Arduino. We felt that why can’t be this is on the small size. Now the smallest Arduino built by Glasgow based BitsNBlob. The smallest Arduino named Piksey. It has the same microcontroller and same performance, but only a quarter the size of Arduino UNO. This is more compatible with the breadboard itself. This has header pins soldered, allowing to fit in a breadboard or tight spaces.

This small Arduino designed with the following features:

    • ATMEGA 328P with a 16MHz oscillator
    • 32Kb flash
    • 1Kb of EEPROM
    • 2Kb of SRAM.
    • Micro USB
    • Reset Button
    • 18V supply
    • LED


Piksey-Smallest Arduino
Arduino UNO powered only by 5 V but this has been overcome in this. This has 18 V DC voltage regulator, micro USB port, LEDs and resets the button along with 16 breadboard pins. This has 13 digital pins and 5 analog pins. This work full on the Arduino UNO based codes and libraries. The size of this compatible Arduino is about 0.8*0.8 inches.

You can buy Arduino UNO on our website.


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