4 Digit 7-Segment Display Module

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4-Digit 7 segment Display Module contains 4-7 Segment display. Each 7 segment display contains 7 LED inside it. Each LED is a segment, as it contains 7 LED in it, popularly called as 7 Segment Display. They are in the form of a rectangular. When LED is ON, they can display Numeric and Alphabets. The 4 Digit 7 segment Display prone in many shops, industries,etc.,


LEDs produce light only when it is forward biased with the amount of light emitted is proportional to the forward current.


Each LED is given a separate alphabet and the supply is given according to the data to be displayed. There is an 8th LED called Decimal Point. LED has two ends namely Cathode and anode. There are two kinds of arrangement namely Common Anode and Common Cathode.

Common Cathode:

In this arrangement, Join all the cathode of 7 LED  and take a single point as logic 0 or ground. The individual anode is made HIGH signal via a resistor.

Common Anode:

In this arrangement, Join all the anode of 7 LED and take a single point as logic 1. The individual anode is made LOW signal via a resistor.


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