Alcohol detector using Arduino

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Kit includes the following components

  • Arduino
  • MQ3 Sensor
  • LED
  • Buzzer
  • Jumpers
  • Battery-9V
  • Battery connector
  • Jumpers-15 nos.


Alcohol detector using Arduino:

The Alcohol detector widely used for Safety purposes. This useful to avoid accidents. The Alcohol detected by alcohol sensor MQ3. The level displayed in PPM through the LCD. The level detected by the breath of the person.


The MQ3 sensor made up of SnO2 material which has a less conductivity in clean air. Both digital and analog output taken from this sensor. The level of alcohol detected and the corresponding voltage displayed. This output is given to the analog pin of the Arduino. The analog voltage converted into digital sings inbuilt ADC converter. Whenever it comes to nearby alcohol gas it starts conducting highly according to the gas concentration. The user able to see the difference in output voltage using any controller and can detect the Alcohol presence.


  • Alcohol Gas Alarm
  • Portable Alcohol detector
  • Gas Alarms
  • Breath Analyzer


This can be further implemented in many ways. If alcohol detected in the person’s breath, then we can make the bike OFF. We can even keep this set up on the bike itself so that, many accidents prevented. The message sent to a nearby police station.

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