Arduino Bluetooth Control Robot


Components Required:

Arduino UNO

Bluetooth Module

L293D Motor driver

Caster wheel



Small breadboard


DC Motor




Arduino Bluetooth Control Robot designed with Speech recognition increasing the ability to interact with the human in a natural form of communication. This is undergone through android application locally available and Bluetooth module. The app converts the command from the human into text and then delivers to the Bluetooth module.


The command for the robot given by the human through an Andriod application. The app converts the human voice into a text as characters. These characters receive from the Bluetooth connection with Arduino and these stored as strings. The pre-programmed words already present in the Arduino. The text received through the Bluetooth matches with the preset words then, the robots work according to that command.  The command from the Arduino sent to Motor driver then the drives send current to the particular motor.


Bluetooth Module:

  • Bluetooth Module has RX, TX, Supply, and Ground.
  • RX connect with Arduino as TX.
  • TX connect with Arduino as RX.
  • GND connect to Ground.
  • +5 V connect with the supply.


If you two motors, two input pins assigned to rotate the motor. If you are using four motors, four input pin link with Arduino.

Motor Driver:

Connect the Motor terminals with the Motor driver. If you want to use  2 motors, L293D is good. It has two terminals, connect with two motor terminals. The motor driver gets supply through the battery.

Bluetooth Module:

The pairing of Bluetooth module is an important one. To get more info click the below link.



Servo and AFMotor library files.

Arduino Libraries

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