Arduino Kit for Starters

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Arduino Kit for beginners is the most perfect combination for young Electronics Engineers. This kit contains sensors, transistors, LED, etc.,

Arduino Starter Kit includes:

  • Arduino with USB
  • Breadboard(large)
  • Transistor BC-547-3
  • LDR-2
  • LED-10( Green -5, Red-5)
  • Jumpers-30 (M-M, M-F, F-F each 10)
  • BO Motor-1
  • Servo Motor-1
  • Buzzer(5V)-1
  • Relay Module(5V)-1
  • Push button-2
  • Resistor strip-1(220,1K,10K,330 Ohm)
  • Capacitor-1(22pF,10uF,100uF,470uF)
  • Ultrasonic sensor HC-05-1
  • Bluetooth ModuleHC-SR04-1
  • IR Sensor-2
  • Battery 9V-1
  • DC Cable connector-1
  • Battery connector-1
  • Multimeter-1
  • Wire Cutter-1
  • L298N Module-1
  • 74HC595Shift Register-1
  • DHT-11
  • LM-35
  • LCD 16*2
  • Dot board
  • Potentiometer- each 1(10K,1K,100K)
  • Microphone Condenser-1
  • Soil Moisture Sensor

These will be present in the Arduino starter kit. Using these components, quite a lot of projects can be done like Home Automation, Line Follower Robot, Ultrasonic sensor based car parking system, etc., This starter kit will be more helpful for Electronic lovers and Arduino beginners.

If you want any components extra, you just specify in Notes while checkout process.

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Arduino Starter kit

Arduino Starter kit, Arduino Starter kit with Online course

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  1. Senthilkumar_M

    Exactly got what components mentioned…. But i purchased PID controller separately… try to include that too in this pack as it is also a basic requirement…..

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