Arduino UNO Prototype Shield with mini Breadboard

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Arduino UNO Prototype Shield is helpful, where you want to build more applications without using any external Breadboard. The Prototyping Shield aims to facilitate easy prototyping with an Arduino or an Arduino compatible board. This helps to design custom circuits for the project with Arduino and space is drop. All IO pins of the Arduino can be tapped into through header pins and empty solder pads for easy expansion.

It is compatible with UNO, Mega, Leonardo, NG, Diecimila, Duemilanove, and compatible Arduinos. Yun’s and Arduino Ethernets have a chunky Ethernet jack that gets in the way of stacking, you can use the stacking headers included and it will work, just doesn’t sit nice and flat.


  • Power rails run down the middle and in the sides.
  • Contains stacking header and plain header.
  • IC with 20pins easily connected.
  • A reset button and an extra general use button
  • A surface-mount chip area for up to 14 SOIC size parts
  • Compatible with tiny breadboards
  • Gold plated pads


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