Battery 9V


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Batteries contain a large number of cells. Batteries are made up of chemical that react with each other and voltage in the battery indicates the work done to move the electrons. The flow of electrons indicates the current flow. Batteries contain electrodes and electrolyte. There are two electrodes namely Anode (+) and Cathode (-).


When the anode and cathode of a battery connected to a circuit, a chemical reaction takes place between the anode and the electrolyte. This reaction causes electrons to flow through the circuit and back into the cathode where another chemical reaction takes place. When the material in the cathode or anode consumed or no longer able and used in the reaction, the battery is unable to produce electricity. At that point, your battery is “dead.”


The primary cell is not replaceable. It charged once only after that it cannot recharge again. Mostly used in Flashlights and portable electronic devices. the secondary cells are Rechargeable and it charged and discharged. This recharged using current. The most available battery is a Lithium-ion battery used in cars, Mobile phones, laptops,etc.,

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