Binary to Decimal Decoder

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Components Included

4511 IC

7 Segment display

Resistors 1kΩ-11

7805- 2

4 Way Dipswitch

Bridge Rectifier

Power Jack






Binary to Decimal decoder displays a binary number into Decimal or normal number. The IC 4511 takes a binary input and the 7 segment displays the equivalent decimal value. Using this we can display decimal numbers 0-9.

The IC 4511 works taking 4 inputs from the Dip switch and displays the numbers according to the input given.


The IC works with a power supply of 5v. The AC supply to DC supply is made with the help of Bridge rectifier. Then the DC supply is fed to 7805.  The DIP switch input connected with IC 4511. The 7 segment displays the input according to the Dip switch. The binary to decimal converter displays the number on the basis of base 2.


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