Biometric Attendance System

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Components Included:

  1. Arduino with USB Cable – 1
  2. Fingerprint sensor module- 1
  3. Push Buttons – 4
  4. LEDs – 2
  5. Jumpers – 20
  6. 1K Resistor – 2
  7. 2.2K resistor – 1
  8. Power cable – 1
  9. Connecting wire packet – 1
  10. Buzzer – 1
  11. 16×2 LCD – 1
  12. Bread Board -1


Biometric Attendance System based on the Fingerprint sensor and Arduino:

Biometric Attendance system required to make the presence of a person in a school, college or office. Old Attendance system takes more time and involves more work for the corresponding officer in any institution. In order to make the work more simple, Fingerprint based Attendance system developed. Other types of attendance system include RFID, Barcode, etc., Here we are using Arduino and Fingerprint sensor for marking attendance.


The student or employee or user fingerprint along with their information added and stored in the Arduino. The user has to enroll their fingerprint with the help of a push button. To enroll their info, a user has to press LCD asking for their ID for their fingerprint and ID for their name to store. After entering the ID details, LCD ask the user to enroll their fingerprint. The candidate info stored in that particular id. Then, there is no need for that user to enroll again.

Once the procedure completed, the system is completely ready for the process. The student has to place the finger to mark his attendance and data will be stored in EEPROM. The system also checks for any malpractice involved in the fingerprint. In case, someone wants to give attendance to another person, they may correctly enter the name id but fingerprint cross-checked and then marks absent.

This project can further proceed by storing the data in the cloud with help of Wi-Fi devices. This is quite effective as the data retrieved easily and live monitoring done.

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