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The buzzer significantly used to produce sound. If you give supply to the buzzer module, you can hear the sound. This converts electrical energy into Sound energy. This conversion called Inverse Piezo Electric Effect. The phenomena of generating electricity from a Mechanical force called Piezoelectric Effect.


  • Piezo Type
  • Magnetic Type

Piezo buzzers contain piezoceramic material in between two electrodes. These electrodes used for conduction purpose. This piezoceramic element used as it exhibits Piezoelectric Effect and Inverse Piezoelectric effect.

The magnetic buzzer has a transistor and disk. The driving circuit is a Transistor. Magnets will be present inside the buzzer. The vibrating disk is present on the top of the buzzer. This works on the Piezoelectric effect.

You can also build the buzzer circuit using simple components like a transistor, piezoelectric plate, resistor, and inductor.

Piezoceramic material is present either man-made or natural.

Working :

Piezo Buzzer:

If you give supply to a buzzer, the piezo materials present inside stretched. This stretching creates a vibration on the buzzer, in turn, a sound generated. This stretching called Push and Pull action. The frequency range is 2-4KHz.



  • Supply voltage: 3.5 V-5 V.
  • Sound: Continous type.
  • Resonant Frequency: 2300 Hz.
  • Current: 30 mA.

Magnetic Buzzer:

The disk attracts to the pole of the magnet. If you provide AC supply, magnetic fields fluctuate and it starts vibrating. This vibration produces sound.


  • Safety and Security
  • Automotive Electronics
  • Office Automation
  • Medical Equipment
  • Industrial

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