Digital Lock based on 8051

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Components Included:

Microcontroller AT89S52

4*4 Keypad

12V Relay

Transistor BC548

Diode 1N4007

Crystal Oscillator-11.059MHz

Push button switch

16*2 LCD


Resistor(10k,8.2k,4.7k,100,300 ohm)


Digital Lock based on 8051

The Digital lock or Electronic door lock is a device manages the lock system using Control actions. The Digital Lock or Digital Door lock purpose is Security use for Home, Industries etc., This system developed with the help of 8051 Microcontroller, Keypad, and 12V Relay. This is a Number based password system with a preset password. This can also further implemented by using sensors like Ultrasonic sensor or Infrared sensor.


  • The password entered through 4*4 Keyboard and the door opening controlled by a 12 V relay module.
  • The password stored in the Memory of 8051. The predefined value is modified.
  • Keypad and LCD act as an Input device.
  • When the supply is ON, the LCD displays “Enter Password”  and then ask the secret pin.
  • After the pin entered, there a display in LCD. Either Access Granted or Denied displayed.
  • Once this message displayed, Relay gets supply according to password match.
  •  If the user entered password matches with the predetermined password, the access granted and the door will open. Suppose the password is a mismatch, User not allowed.

If you want to do with Wi-Fi, you can visit the below link.

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