ESP 8266 Node MCU

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Pin Details:

Digital Pins-9(GPIO 12-GPIO 16,GPIO 2,GPIO 0,GPIO 4, GPIO 5)

RX-1(GPIO 3)

TX-1(GPIO 1)

SD Pins-2(GPIO 9,GPIO 10)





Node MCU can be powered either by USB cable or Vin pin.


ESP 8266 NodeMCU Wi-Fi Development Board, an open source IoT platform. It includes firmware which runs on the ESP 8266 Wi-Fi SoC from Espressif system and hardware which is based on the ESP-12 module. The term “NodeMCU” by default refers to the firmware rather than the development kits. The firmware uses the Lua scripting language. It is based on the eLua project and built on the Espressif Non-OS SDK for ESP8266.

The ESP8266 contains all crucial elements of the modern computer: CPU, RAM, networking (wifi), and even a modern operating system and SDK. As the cost is quite cheap, makes it an excellent choice for IoT projects of all kinds.


  • Programmable WiFi module.
  • Arduino-like (software defined) hardware IO.
  •  USB-TTL included plug & play.
  • 10 GPIOs D0-D10, PWM functionality, IIC, and SPI communication, 1-Wire and ADC A0 etc. all in one board.
  • Wifi networking (can be used as an access point and/or station, host a web server), connect to the internet to fetch or upload data.
  • PCB antenna.

Coding Node MCU

NodeMCU with ESPlorer IDE

Lua scripts are generally used to code the NodeMCU. Lua is an open source, lightweight, embeddable scripting language built on top of C programming language.

NodeMCU with Arduino IDE

Here is another way of developing NodeMCU with a well-known IDE i.e. Arduino IDE. We can also develop applications on NodeMCU using Arduino development environment. This makes easy for Arduino developers than learning a new language and IDE for NodeMCU.

Tutorial about Node MCU

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