Fire Alarm system

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Flame sensor


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Fire Alarm System:

Fire Alarm System is nowadays necessary for every building like home, hospitals, schools, Complexes etc., Nearly 80% of Factories losses caused due to fire, so a Fire alarm system should introduce. This system contains an Arduino as a controller, Flame sensor as a fire sensor and an alert given through Buzzer.


Fire in the industries detected by Flame sensor. The sensor mainly detects IR light wavelength emitted from the fire. The sensor has an NPN transistor. Once the fire sensor detects the fire, the sensor data read by Arduino. After that, Arduino provides an alarm through a Buzzer. The Arduino makes the buzzer on if the temperature is above room temperature. If the temperature is below the room temperature, the buzzer turned off.

This developed by adding some serial communication to the Arduino, indicating the user through message and indication. This system is really helpful whenever the user is not in that place.

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