Four Channel Relay Module (5V,12V)


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VCC: Positive supply voltage
GND: Ground
IN1–IN4: Relay control port


Connect a load, DC 30V/10A,AC 250V/10A


Four channel Relay Module(5V,12V)

The relay is a switch which can be operated electrically and mechanically. The relay is made up of Electromagnet and set of contacts. The switching mechanism is done by the Electromagnet. Relay Module is available in 5v, 12v.

Types of Relay:

  • Electromechanical Relay-Power relay
  • Solid State Relay-Switching mechanism by magnetic force


Relay contains sensing unit, an electric coil which can be powered by AC or DC current. When the current or voltage applied exceeds the threshold value, the armature will be activated by a coil, in turn, operates the contact to be closed or open. When power is supplied, a Magnetic force will be developed which actuates the switching mechanism in the relay.


  • Telephonic exchange
  • Logic operation
  • ON/OFF control
  • Motor speed control
  • High power load control

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More Info

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