Gas detector using Arduino

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Components Included:
Arduino UNO
LPG Gas Sensor Module
BC 547 Transistor
16×2 LCD
1K resistor
Bread board
9volt battery
Connecting wires

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LPG is an important factor to notice and detected. Its gas escape may lead to disaster. An easy monitoring and alert system designed using Arduino.

If gas escapes, this circuit detects it associate degreed makes an alert by a buzz the buzzer connected with the circuit.

This method is simple to create and anyone of us has some information about natural philosophy and programming will build it.


LPG gas sensor module consists an MQ3 sensor which detects LPG gas. This MQ3 sensor has a heater inside, as it needs some heater supply to heat up and it may take up to 15 minutes to get ready for detecting LPG gas. And a comparator circuit used for converting Analog output of MQ3 in digital.

We have used associate degree LPG gas device module to observe LPG Gas. once LPG gas escape happens, it offers a HIGH pulse on its DO pin and Arduino incessantly reads its DO pin.

Once Arduino gets a HIGH pulse from LPG Gas module it shows “LPG Gas escape Alert” message on a 16×2 digital display and activates buzzer that beeps once more and once more till the gas detector module does not sense the gas within the atmosphere.

The LPG gas detector module offers a coffee pulse to Arduino, then the digital display shows “No LPG Gas Leakage” message.

MQ3 Gas Module:

This module contains an associate degree MQ3 device that really detects LPG gas, a comparator (LM393) for comparison the MQ3 output voltage with a reference voltage. It offers a HIGH output once LPG gas is detected.

A potentiometer is additionally used for dominant the sensitivity of gas sensing.

This module is incredibly straightforward to interface with microcontrollers and Arduino and simply out there within the market by the name “LPG Gas device Module”. we are able to additionally build it by mistreatment LM358 or LM393 and MQ3.




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