GPS Receiver NEO-6m

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GPS navigation deviceGPS receiver, or simply GPS is a device that is capable of receiving information from GPS Satellites and then to calculate the device’s geographical position. Using suitable software, the device may display the position on a map, and it may offer directions. A GPS device can retrieve from the GPS system location and time information in all weather conditions, anywhere on or near the Earth. A GPS reception requires an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites and is subject to poor satellite signal conditions. In exceptionally poor signal conditions, for example in urban areas, satellite signals may exhibit multipath propagation where signals bounce off structures or are weakened by meteorological conditions. Most commonly used GPS receiver is GPS Receiver NEO-6m

A  GPS Receiver is an L-band radio processor capable of solving the navigation equations in order to determine the user position, velocity and precise time (PVT), by processing the signal broadcasted by GPS satellites.

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