Home-made Arduino using breadboard

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The components included for building Arduino is
• ATMEGA328p
• 10uF capacitor (2)
• 22pF(2)
• Resistor(220 ohm)
• 16MHz Crystal oscillator
• 7805 Voltage regulator
• Battery-9V
• Breadboard
• Connecting wires


Making the Home-made Arduino using breadboard is quite interesting.  Using these components, we can build similar to Arduino UNO development board. In case if you need one more than one or more Arduino for your project this is quietly more cost-effective.


  • ATMEGA 328P is the heart of Arduino. Arduino composed of ATMEGA 328P, Serial  Programmer, and Voltage regulator.
  • The Arduino must have a bootloader to dump the program into ATMEGA 328P IC. Arduino only works on 5v to make voltage stable, 7805 used.
  • 7805 gives 5V and 1A output. ATMEGA pin details available and it is quite easy to connect.
  • Initially, the IC powered up, so connect a LED on a digital pin to check whether the supply is there or not.
  • To check this, ATMEGA 328P programmed. For this, we can use pre-bootloader IC or even use Arduino as a Flash player.
  • A 16MHz Crystal oscillator used to work the IC synchronously. Power supply and Ground pins are connected supply terminals.



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