Infrared Sensor

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  • VCC external 3.3V-5V voltage (can be directly connected with the a 5v microcontroller and 3.3v microcontroller).
  • GND external GND.
  • OUT board digital output interface (0 and 1).


Infrared Sensor

Infrared Sensor module consists of a Transmitter and Receiver tube. IR waves emitted by the transmitter and reflected back and received by IR receiver. The comparator will be present to compare the receiver signal and the reference signal. This processing indicated by LED. The potentiometer adjusted which in turn distance is adjusted. If the distance varies, IR frequency varied. The range is 2 cm to 10 cm. Working Voltage is 3.3 V to 5 V. It’s used for the detection of a black and white region to trace the path, heat changes, detects the presence or absence of an object.

Features of Infrared Sensor Module:-

  • IR Sensor used to detect black and white regions.
  • The output port OUT connected with the microcontroller or Arduino I/O port and driven directly to a 5V relay: Connection: VCC-VCC; GND-GND; OUT-IO.
  • 3.3 V – 5 V DC power supply.
  • LED glow indicates the supply.

Tutorial Video:

Know more about Infrared Sensor module:

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