Irrigation system using Soil Moisture Sensor

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Components Included:
Arduino UNO
Relay Module
Soil Moisture Sensor


Irrigation system in the agricultural field is a major issue. This has to be overcome by Soil Moisture Sensor with the help of Arduino. The main objective is to check the moisture content in the soil and then the signal sent to Arduino after that the motor perform its action using the relay module. If it is dry, pumping motor will pump the water. In the irrigation process, the most parameter of monitoring is soil, we have to check periodically and water has to be pumped automatically. This system saves the water and at the same time, this provides the necessary water to the plant with the optimum level of water.


The soil moisture sensor senses the moisture content in the irrigation field. Then the sensor data sent to Arduino and data checked whether it is dry or not. After that, Arduino sends an input to the relay module. If there is any need to amplify the sensor data, we can use the amplifier. We can even monitor some other parameter like temperature, wind etc., The relay module, in turn, turns on and off the pump for irrigation purpose.

The soil moisture sensor determines the volumetric water content present in the soil. The dielectric constant varies according to moisture content present in the soil.


Connect the two pins from the sensor to the amplifier. Then Vcc of the amplifier to the Arduino and Ground pin of the amplifier to the Arduino.

The data from the sensor is analog. Connect the data pin with the Arduino’s analog pin.

Then connect any of the digital pins with the relay module.



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