L298N Motor Driver Module

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L298N is a dual H-bridge Motor driver IC. This is an integrated monolithic circuit during a 15- lead Multiwatt and PowerSO20 packages. It’s a high voltage, high current twin full-bridge driver designed to simply accept commonplace TTL logic level sand drive inductive masses like relays, solenoids, DC and stepping motors. 2 modify inputs area unit provided to modify or disable the device severally of the input signals. The emitters of the lower transistors of every bridge area unit connected along and the corresponding external terminal will be used for the affiliation of associate external sensing electrical device.

Two built-in H-bridge, high voltage, large current, full bridge driver, which can be used to drive DC motors, stepper motors, relay coils and other inductive loads. Designed using standard logic level signal to control. This module capable to drive a two-phase stepper motor or four-phase stepper motor, and two-phase DC motors.
This can adopt a high-capacity filter capacitor and a freewheeling diode that protects devices in the circuit from being damaged by the reverse current of an inductive load, enhancing reliability.


The driver module can drive two motors. The enabled terminals ENA and ENB are effective at a high level. The control mode and state of motor A are

You can able to regulate the speed of Motor A using PWM signal, initially, IN1 and IN2 made high, which makes to rotate in clockwise direction and the output PWM pulses for enabled terminals. The motor is OFF when an enabled terminal is 0. When the enabling signal is 1, IN1 and IN2 are 00 or 11, Motor is in brake state and Motor is  OFF. If IN1 is 0 and IN2 is 1, the motor A rotates clockwise; if IN1 is 1 and IN2 is 0, the motor A rotates counterclockwise. This is the control method for motor A.


  • Motor supply: 7 to 24 VDC
  • Control Logic: Standard TTL Logic Level
  • Output Power: Up to 2 A each
  • Enable and Direction Control Pins
  • Heatsink for IC
  • Power-On LED indicator
  • 4 Direction LED indicators



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