Line Follower Robot using Arduino

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Components Included:

Arduino UNO

Small breadboard

Infrared Sensor

Robot Chasis

Caster wheel

BO Motor

Motor driver L298N



Screws and bolts

Insulation Tape


Line Follower Robot using Arduino:

Line Follower Robot is an automated guided vehicle which tracks the line layout on the floor. The line is a mostly black line on the white floor or vice versa. This mostly used in Industries to do more works like process industries. Even, it used in Military, Hospitals, delivery works, human assistance, etc., The Line follower robot works with the help of an Infrared sensor or Ultrasonic sensor. The working of Infrared Sensor is it absorbs the black color completely. This helps to track the path for the robot.


This consists of Wheel, Motor, a Driver circuit, Arduino. Initially, the Infrared sensor detects the black line. Once the sensor senses the black line, the data will be sent to the Arduino. Inside the Arduino, the code for Line follower robot dumped. The ATMEGA 328P controller performs the action according to the data received.  The robot moves forward and the sensor detects the black line either right or left curve taken by the Robot. This change sent to Arduino and then to turn on the Motor PWM signal sent to the driver. In order to increase the efficiency, the more no.of sensor used to detect the black line. The position of the sensor is also important according to the width of the black line.

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