Line Sensor

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Line Sensor:

This sensor is used to determine white lines on a black surface and vice versa. This line sensor board has five line sensors connected together. These sensors working together can follow any curved or zig-zag path. Because of multiple sensors, it can even detect nodes and move on the maze of white or black lines. Line sensor consists of a high-intensity red LED for illumination and the directional phototransistor for line sensing.

Phototransistor consists of a phototransistor and convex lens. Because of the precise alignment between lens and phototransistor, it has a very narrow viewing angle of 5 degrees. This makes this line sensor highly immune to ambient light. This sensor gives 0.18 volts on a bright surface and gives 2.2V or more on the dark surface. Its output is analog in nature. Because of analog output, one can write a complex algorithm to follow the white line using a microcontroller. This sensor has a very proven track record in various robotics competitions.


  • Supply: 5V, 100mA
  • Sensor output: Analog out, 0.18V to 2.2V
  • Illumination: Red ultra bright LED
  • Sensing element: Directional phototransistor with 5-degree viewing angle
  • Sensing distance: 9mm to 20mm from the surface
  • Number of sensors: 5
  • The distance between adjacent sensors: 18mm

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