Mini L298 Motor driver Module

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Mini L298N Motor driver module is based upon SMD L298 IC making it quite simple so you can use it where space is less. This mostly fixes if size is an important issue.

This will work same as L298N Module, which is capable of controlling two DC Motors. The required supply voltage is 2-10V. This operates the motor to move in forward or reverse directions. You can even set the rotational speed. Each provides 1.5A continuous current.

Features Of Mini L298 Motor Driver

  • Built-in low-circuit-resistance MOS switch operation, minimal heat, coolant-free, small size, low power consumption, ideal for pile-running applications.
  • Small size, light weight, zero wait current is the ideal choice for your car model.


  • Operates Two DC Motors
  • Supply Voltage- 2-10V
  • Input Range- 7-8V
  • Peak Current- 2.5A
  • Low standby current- <0.1uA
  • Designed in Common Mode Transmission
  • Protected with Internal thermal Protection circuit.


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