Node MCU and App based Home Automation

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Components Included:

Relay Module

Node MCU with USB



Battery socket

Light with Socket


Electrical wire

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Node MCU and Andriod Application based Home Automation

Home Automation can be designed with the help of  Wi-Fi. Both automatic and manual control done in this project. In this project, the house controlled through the phone with the help of an Andriod application. Home controlled automatically only through Wi-Fi. In order to achieve this,  Android application acts as a transmitter, which sends the ON/OFF commands to the receiver i.e). NodeMCU where loads connected through the relay. Even load fluctuation avoided by coupling with Opto- Coupler.


Node MCU connected to Wi-Fi in our home. Once the hardware connection completed, through android application we can control the home. Digital pins set in the app and then according to the need, we can use to switch ON/OFF. The electrical devices controlled has to connected with a relay and a two-way switch. If we want to activate through Wi-Fi, one of the digital pins connected to the relay circuit. The relay also acts as a two-way switch. Connections between switch and relay are quite easy. A relay has NO, Com and NC pins at the output terminal. Input terminal has supply, ground and Input pin. Relay NO and NC pins are directly connected with two way switch first and last opening. Both the relay and switch middle pin is important. Anyone of the middle pin connected to device i.e) positive side and another pin connected to Neutral. Once this hardware section is over, the home controlled both automatically and manually.

Relay Connection:

It has 5 terminals – Vcc, GND, NO, NC, COMMON.

  • Vcc – External power source – 5 V/9 V/12 V.
  • GND – From MCU.
  • NO – To output device – Normally opened.
  • NC – To output device – Normally closed.
  • Common – To output device (GND).

It has a movable switch key and the coil is the heart of this component. Movable switch moves over NO and NC terminals with one end fixed at COMMON. An Electromagnetic Coil kept nearer to the movable switch. It kept in such a way that when coil excited it pulls key and rests in NO terminal and else excited it rests on NC terminal.

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