Pulse Transformer 4502

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Pulse Transformer:

A Pulse transformer is a transformer helpful for transmitting Rectangular electrical pulses i.e) pulse with a fast rise and fall times and a constant amplitude. Small versions, Signal type used in Digital logic and Telecommunication circuits. Medium sized, Power type used in electrical power controller circuits.


This is a small 1:1 transformer. This transformer cased in a plastic shell and has a ration of 1:1 i.e. it has one primary coil & one secondary coil. This is a simple transformer for coupling input to one single output. This transformer has four legs where two legs act as primary and other two act as secondary.


This used for

  • signal transmission.
  • low-power control circuits.
  • camera flashes.
  • radar systems.
  • high-power switched-mode power supplies and other fields where a pulsed form of relatively high voltage along with isolation.



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