Screw Terminal Block 3 End

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Terminal blocks has 3End.

NO-Normally open

NC-Normally Close



Screw Terminal Block 3 End

A screw terminal is a type of electrical connector where a wire held by the tightening of a screw. Screw terminals used extensively in building wiring for the distribution of electricity -connecting electrical outlets, luminaries and switches to the mains, and for directly connecting major appliances. This used to connect more than one circuit to connect with different circuits. This made up of two long Aluminium or copper strips that designed to connect different components. These strips create a bus bar for power distribution that sent to connected components.

A barrier strip composed of several screw terminals. The wire ties up directly under the head of a screw, held by a metal plate forced against the wire by a screw or held by what is, in effect, a set of screw in the side of a metal tube. The wire is divesting of insulation and inserted under the head of a screw or into the terminal. Otherwise, it may be either inserted first into a ferrule, which installed into the terminal or else clamps to a connecting lug. which is present under the screw head.


  • PLC
  • Home Automation
  • Factory Automation

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More Info 

This used in Automation works in industry and home. This action performed by ATMEL   Arduino, Arduino,etc.,

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