Smart Walking stick with Sound

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Component Included


Ultrasonic sensor

SD Card Module






Push button


433 MHz RF Transmitter

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Smart walking stick for the blind with sound :

Smart walking stick for the blind is the device used to help the blind people to walk. This done by using an Ultrasonic sensor, RF remote and LDR. The data about the surroundings gathered and according to the data, the sound from the SD Card module will play.


Smart blind stick requires two circuits. One is the main circuit to check the surroundings and the other is an RF Transmitter circuit used to locate the main circuit. Arduino used for controlling all the sensors. Arduino has given with a power of 5 V so, we require a 7805 voltage regulator. The Ultrasonic sensor works with 5 V. All other sensors also works with 5 V. Ultrasonic sensor has Trig and Echo pin. These connected to a digital pin of Arduino whereas LDR along with resistor output connected with an analog pin of Arduino.RF receiver pin linked with an analog pin.

The SD Card Module is the output device which connected to a digital pin. Usually, RF Transmitter requires Encoder and Decoder circuit, but in this project, receiver circuit used to detect whether the transmitter is sending the signal. Receiver data passed through an RC filter and given to Arduino. Whenever the button has pressed, some voltage sent repeatedly. This helps the blind person to track his stick. The SD Card Module with a headset will help the blind people a lot to move.


In this project, sensor data read by the Arduino. If the LDR reads value less than the normal light value, an alert given through a buzzer. Similarly, if the value greater than the normal light value, an alert with different sound generated. The distance measured by the Ultrasonic sensor. If any obstacle found, SD Card Module provides the necessary sound according to the code. This sound is got with the help of SD Card Module along with headphone.


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