Soil Moisture Sensor

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Soil Moisture Sensor


Soil Moisture Sensor

The Soil Moisture sensor is used to measure the water content(moisture) of soil. When the soil is having the water content low, the module output is at a high level, else the output is at a low level. This sensor exactly says about the water content of the soil and it automatically pours water into the plant or even another mechanism can be adopted.


This works similar to a capacitor. The permittivity of the surrounding medium will be measured and the capacitance will be changed. The dielectric can be changed by the function of water. The output is Voltage which will be proportional to the permittivity of the soil. The sensor says about the content of water over the length of the sensor. The sensitivity is quite low at extreme edges.

This is used to measure the moisture loss over a period of time. The loss may be due to evaporation, plant uptake, etc., This can even evaluate optimum soil moisture contents required for plants. The monitoring of soil moisture can help us to control irrigation in the Greenhouse and biology experiments.


  • Operating Voltage:5V
  • Operating Current:<20mA
  • Output: Analog
  • Working Temperature:10°C~30°C


  • Used for Irrigation Purpose
  • Automatic Gardening System
  • Used in botanical Gardening

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