Ultrasonic Sensor based Parking system

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Components Included:

Ultrasonic sensor
Arduino UNO


The Automatic Parking system(APS) is nowadays a more common one. This idea easily implemented using an Ultrasonic sensor with the help of Arduino. Whenever your car comes near any object, there you can hear the sound and the LED glow. APS system is an electronic cum mechanical system, the main advantage is the reduction in the area of parking. This reduces human efforts.


The Ultrasonic sensor used to detect the object around us. This works on the principle of RADAR. The waves from the sensor sent if there is any object near there difference in transit time. When the Ultrasonic sensor connected with Arduino, Arduino provides the pulse signal to the sensor which then transmits them. Whenever there is any presence of the object, transmitted waves got hit in the object and reflected back to the sensor. If the signal detected, the signal sent to the Arduino and action will be done.

Ultrasonic sensor working:

The sensor has two parts namely, Transmitter and Receiver. The Signal is in the frequency above 20 KHz, which human cannot hear. Initially, the sensor has to be trigger by sending some pulses for 10 microseconds. After this, the transmitter sends the signal. If there is any obstacle or object in the path of the signal. The signal hits the object and returns back to the receiver part. The time required to return the receiver part calculated and this provides the necessary information to calculate the distance.


Ultrasonic Sensor:

This sensor has a Trig, Echo, Vcc, and GND. The Trig pin is input and then connect this pin with Arduino’s digital pin. The Echo pin is output which also connected with Arduino’s digital pin. Vcc and GND pin connected with Arduino supply and ground pin.


The buzzer has two pins. The positive terminal connected with Arduino’s digital pin. Negative pin connected with Ground.


The Longer pin of LED connected with the digital pin of Arduino and the shorter pin connected with ground.

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