Voltage Regulator-7805


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Pin Details:

1st Pin (from left)- Input Voltage

2nd Pin-Ground

3rd pin-Output Voltage


7805 Voltage Regulator

The voltage regulator is used to provide the regulated DC supply to the required components or devices. This uses a Feed-Forward design or feedback mechanism i.e) it checks the output voltage with a desired voltage. These voltage regulators are available from 3.3V to 35V. This is present in every simple circuit like Mobile phone Charger circuit, other devices which need only regulated supply.

This includes a Feedback network, Reference voltage circuit, Amplifier, Error detector, and Transistor.


Comparator present inside the IC compares the actual voltage with the reference voltage. We can easily make a voltage regulator with the help of Resistor and Diode. The voltages changes according to the input supply.


  • Current regulator
  • Regulated dual supply
  • Used in a phone charger, USB power supply circuits etc,
  • Fixed output regulator
  • Adjustable output regulator

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